Show Information

2022 Show Dates

January 10-15, 2022

2022 ACLS Tentative Schedule

  • Please make sure to view the 2022 Schedule, it is the same as the 2021 Show.  We have Cattle and Poultry Shows on different days than in the past and arrival times for Hogs is different as well.

ACLS Covid Protocols for 2021

Covid-19 Quarantine Guidelines

  • If an exhibitor has been sent home from school under quarantine and is not eligible to participate in school functions, then they are not eligible to show their animal(s) or be on the ACLS Show Grounds.  ACLS is following School Participation Guidelines in regard to Covid-19.  If an exhibitor comes onto the ACLS Show Grounds under quarantine, then they will be asked to leave the grounds.  If they do not adhere to this request, then the exhibitor and animal(s) will be disqualified from the 2021 ACLS Show.

Stockshow Cancellation

  • Due to any reason such as Covid-19 or any other occurrence that City, State or Federal authorities shut down public gatherings. We the ACLS nor its Directors will be held liable for not having an annual Stock Show. Just because animals or projects are entered to show does not guarantee a Show. In the event this should occur all entry monies will be returned

Constitution & Bylaws

  • Updated as of July 2020